Marketers x Mentors

Strategy, the Association of Canadian Advertisers and Advertising Standards Canada introduces a new mentorship program to help marketers make a mid-career pivot.

This program matches you with a mentor and provides guidance, feedback and exclusive roundtable mentorship opportunities at industry events.

Marketers x Mentors was designed to target and reenforce the unity and the alliance between both parties within the program. With a bold and colourful palette, the eye catching identity already sets them apart from their competitors. 

The combination of both complimentary colours are combined through the “X”, identifying the collaboration and dedication of both individuals. The arrow within the “X” is also a metaphor indicating that each individual taking the program is taking the right steps to a more positive career life.

A business plan aesthetic was applied to these posters for the campaign, bringing a little irony to the situation given that the marketers are usually the ones creating them for their clients.

Designed at john st. | Design Director: Mo Bofill | Designer: Andreane Labrosse | Copywriter: Liz Allemang

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