Outwitly Academy

Outwitly Academy is a membership-based community for UX designers and researchers seeking further industry training and mentorship to take their career to the next level. Members have access to tools, downloadables, online courses and coaching meetings with leading experts in the industry. Outwitly Academy is a sub-brand of Outwitly Inc., a UX and design research firm committed to improving human experiences.

The parent brand, Outwitly Inc., offers a wide variety of design services. The asterisk used as the main graphic element of the parent brand was created to symbolize the firm’s range in the types of design services they offer. The idea was adopted from the truncation technique, in which an individual applies an asterisk at the end of a word to broaden their search and have results include various word endings and spellings.

The same asterisk is used in Outwitly Academy’s logo as a way to represent the idea that the sub-brand is an extension of Outwitly, much like the function of the truncation technique. Not only does the asterisk help support brand recognition in this case, but it also reflect’s the brand's architecture and hierarchy.

Outwitly Academy’s energetic visual identity represents the brand’s cutting-edge personality; creative, personable, innovative and versatile.

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