Get A Routine That Gets You

Winter is never easy on your skin. Whether you’re a workaholic or a stay-at-home mom, Shoppers Drug Mart recognizes that there’s a skincare routine for every lifestyle routine. From oily, to dry, to dehydrated skin, the retailer caters to everybody with their wide-range of drugstore and luxury products.

The campaign’s inspiration is the feeling of fresh skin. Everybody loves to feel clean and airy, especially at this time of year. The lockup, although very minimal, feels elegant and its transparent background is another approach at visualizing beautiful, clean and clear skin.

A close-up model photography approach only felt right, given that the campaign is skin focused. Tinted water and cream droplets are used to illustrate and graphically represent the layering of products in a skincare routine. The cooler colour palette feels clean and appropriate for winter. 

For this campaign, I worked closely with designer Hannah Lee on this project. Our job was to insure that our concept and designs aligned well with the video campaign that Ela (Art Director) and Maddie (Copywrighter) were visualizing. Throughout the process, I was tasked with attending all meetings internal and external meetings with the client, participate in design thinking, collaborate with Hannah, Ela and Maddie to ensure that we’re all on the same page and update files based on revisions.

Designed at john st. | Design Director: Mo Bofill | Designers: Hannah Lee & Andreane Labrosse | Art Director: Ela Kallonen | Copywriter: Maddie Rosenberg

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