Shoppers Dug Mart

The Shoppers Drug Mart competitive analysis took place to determine a new approach to their design system. 

Our duty was to come up with a new strategy and structure for Shoppers Drug Mart’s overall brand to facilitate the process of design for each season’s campaigns.

My role was to conduct a competitive analysis audit to determine and observe each retailer’s master brand, loyalty program, CSR, and their seasonal campaigns.

After comparing them all, we came up with two different strategies that were being presented to the client. The first being a fragmented structure with high design variation, and a unified structure with low design variation. Both having their pros and cons, we presented the two options along with the audit and had them pick a new direction with the goal of establishing a better design system for the brand.

Designed at john st. | Design Director: Mo Bofill | Designer: Hannah Lee, Teresa Tam, Andreane Labrosse | Brand Strategist: Jennifer Munoz

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